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Smart Class Room Status: Phone Follow-Up Report

Smart Classroom

The objective of Smart Classroom model is to create a sustainable digital learning environment for the secondary level students in mostly rural Bangladesh for achieving maximum learning outcomes.

Smart Classrooms (SCR) are generally operated by the teachers and the school authority is responsible for the security and maintenance issues. Multimedia contents are used to conduct the classes. School authority is supposed to conduct classes regularly in this SCR. Dnet team monitors these SCRs through field visit in the first year and through phone follow-up regularly.

Dnet, Implementing partner of CLP, has conducted a formative survey to measure the current status of Smart Classrooms through phone follow-up in February 2015. Randomly selected Smart Classroom teachers have attended the survey over phone. A checklist had been developed for the survey.

Out of 152 schools, 139 school teachers were responded according to their feasibility.Teachers were being asked about regularities of taking smart class, classroom maintenance and their interest for establishing new smart classrooms. Based on the questionnaire, they responded very actively.

Some major findings from the survey are given below:

  • Most of the teachers conduct their class by using smart classroom on regular basis;
  • Most of the schools get financial support from schools’ headmaster and SMC members for renovating SCRs’ equipment;
  • The interest level of teachers were very high for establishing new smart classroom in their schools;
  • Most of the teachers said they are more capable for maintaining new SCRs’ equipment in proper way;
  • Most of the teachers said that they were not facing any equipment related problem during their class conduction in smart classroom;
  • Almost all teachers manifested high level expression about the necessities of more multimedia content for their smart classroom use;
  • Almost all of the students showed a high level of interest in case of doing class in smart classroom;
  • Most of the teachers showed high level of interest for conducting their class in multimedia classroom;
  • Headmasters and SMC members gave positive opinion about the effectiveness of smart classroom, and most of the cases they monitor the classroom and give feedback for enhancing the quality of learning.


The complete survey report is available here:

Download Phone Follow-Up Report(PDF)

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