Computer Literacy Program Volunteers for Underprivileged (CLP)


Synergistic activities

Standard Chartered Bank (Dhaka, Bangladesh),  Dnet and Computer Jagat signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made on this the 25th day of November 2009. The main objectives of the MOU is Dnet and Computer Jagat jointly made proposal to the Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) for safe disposal of e-waste and to establish some computer learning centers at different schools and colleges in different parts of the country jointly using refurbished computers. The basis of the collaboration is availability of a large number of discarded computers and peripherals at warehouse of SCB. SCB wishes to dispose of in an environmentally safe way, at the same time create value out of it. Thus SCB showed interest to donate of old computers & peripherals and financial support for establishment of new ICT-based Computer Learning Centers with refurbished computers as a gesture of corporate philanthropy or community involvement under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) in different educational   institutions in Bangladesh.  SCB donated 1500 PCs and other accessories for implementing the program.


Bank Asia Ltd (A Private Commercial Bank in Bangladesh) continues to show active interest in the program. With the success of three CLCs sponsored by this Bank in 2006 and 2007, the Bank Asia sponsored additional ten new CLCs in 2008 and plans to sponsor ten more CLCs in 2009

Siemens Bangladesh gave two PCs and three monitors

Introduced internet connections to twenty forty eight centers in collaboration with Relief International, VAB patrons and Imdad Sitara Khan Foundation. The students of these schools are communicating and working on joint projects with students from India, Tajikistan and USA

Hossain Trust in Bangladesh sponsored one CLC

Some Individuals in Bangladesh also sponsored CLCs

I-K Foundation sponsored one CLC in association with UCEP Bangladesh at UCEP-A.K. Khan Technical School in Chittagong in collaboration with Chittagong Skills Development Center (CSDC)

Chittagong Girls Orphanage sponsored one CLC in collaboration with Chittagong Skills Development Center (CSDC) at Ambagan in Chittagong

Computer Literacy Centers Enabled B.Ed.  Trainees Acquire Required Computer Skills

Government has recently introduced a Basic Computer Skill course in the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Curriculum effective 2006-2007 session. This course is compulsory and counts as 50  out of a total 1000 points.

The Course Objective:

•    Develop key skills for teachers in the 21st century
•    Exchange ideas and activities to increase student participation in lessons
•    Participate fully in Distance Education professional development and advance study
•    Provide immediately useful skills, learning in this course is intended to stimulate interest and build confidence
•    Become committed to seeking out other opportunities and advance their computer skills

Learning outcomes of the curriculum:

•    Use a computer in a network environment and demonstrate an appreciation of its potential to improve their teaching
•    Learn operational controls of a computer, create and save documents on hard drive or network in a managed way to enable easy retrieval, print documents and initialize and transfer files on to floppy disk
•    Produce word processed documents
•    Create simple spreadsheet and use formula to perform calculations
•    Send and receive email with attachments
•    Locate resources on the www using search engine, evaluate and download for use

As there is no equipped computer lab in each Teachers Training Institutions in Bangladesh, the trainees depend on private computer training centers. The CLP program has created the foundation for exciting possibilities for rural underprivileged youth, for example, 2 CLCs (Hazi Kasem Ali Mohila Degree College at Muktagacha and Hazi Kasem Ali Degree College at Mymensingh) have recently conducted a course for B.Ed. students of Hazi Kasem Ali B.Ed College at Muktagacha main campus and Mymensingh city campus through CLP lab. A total 65 B.Ed. students have successfully completed the course and received satisfactory grades.

Latest News

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    Dear CLP Patron, We would like to invite you to a yoga seminar and workshop presented by a renowned yoga authority Dr. Dilip Sarkar on November 9, 2019, 2 PM to 5 PM, at Bharat Sevashram, 3490 NJ-27, Kendall Park, NJ 08824.  Dr. Sarkar’s presentation will focus on therapeutic features of yoga. A program flyer […]

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    Beximco and CLP sign a MoU

    Computer Literacy Program (CLP), USA and Dnet have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Beximco Pharmaceuticals to establish Computer Literacy Centers (CLCs). The CLCs will be established in Bhairab MP Girls High School and Bangladesh Railway High School in Bhairab, Kishoreganj and Babupur Miratuli Govt. Primary School in Chapai Nawabganj. The MoU signing ceremony was held […]

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    CLP Annual Event 2019

    Dear CLP Patron:  Please attend the 2019 CLP annual event (starts at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, August  03, 2019  at the Rutgers Cook College Campus Center, New Brunswick, NJ)and find out how your donations are helping the underprivileged youths in Bangladesh. The program flyer is pasted below. We need your help to continue on this […]


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