Computer Literacy Program Volunteers for Underprivileged (CLP)


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Computer Literacy Program (CLP)

We promote knowledge and usage of computers and information technology by underprivileged youth (presently in Bangladesh). As of March 2015, 257 CLCs and 97 Associate CLCs have been established in 56 districts. 512 teachers (20% female) were trained for the CLCs’ operations. British Council Bangladesh supported the establishment of 15 CLCs in different schools in Bangladesh. A total of 91,554 learners (49% female) successfully completed a hands-on 40 hours course.

As of July 2017, CLP-Dnet team has to date established 261 CLCs across Bangladesh. Approximately 80% of these centers are in rural Bangladesh and a lion’s share (over 85 %) of these centers are sponsored by the non-resident Bangladeshis to help empower the youths from their ancestral root.

At the end of the project year 2018-2019; Total CLC 262; SCR 158;

The CLP-Dnet program has trained 523 computer teachers of which 20% are women. The program also produced 100,000 computer literacy graduates across Bangladesh of which 50% are girls. These numbers that less 20% computer teachers are women, but, almost 50% computer literacy graduates are girls is a testimonial to how the village girls are advancing in technology education compared to boys.

According to the update of 6th November 2018:  Total CLC 267; SCR 159;

List of Sponsored CLC

  1. Bagerhat, Bagerhat ML Collegiate School
  2. Bagerhat,  Bahirdia High School
  3. Bagerhat, Macpherson Public Library
  4. Bagerhat, Uddipan Badar Shamsu Bidyaniketan
  5. Barisal, Badar Tuni High School
  6. Barisal, Habibpur High School
  7. Barisal, Mehandigonj Muktijodha Sangsad
  8. Barisal, Shaestabad Girls High School
  9. Barisal, Surjosen Anath Asram
  10. Barisal, Muladi Mahmudjan Model High School
  11. Barisal, Sanuhar M. A  High School
  12. Bogra, Bogra Coronation Institution and College
  13. Bogra, Botiavanga High School
  14. Bogra, Chhagoldhara High School
  15. Bogura, Mojibur Rahman Mojnu Girls High School
  16. Bogura, Sherpur D.J Model High School
  17. Barguna, Talgachia Deshanterkati High School
  18. Brahmanbaria, Brahmanbaria High School
  19. Brahmanbaria, Kasba T Ali Degree College
  20. Brahmanbaria, Liakat Ali High School
  21. Brahmanbaria, Tofail Ali Technical School and College
  22. Chandpur, Darbeshgonj High School
  23. Chandpur, Khajuria ML High School
  24. Chandpur, Nasirkote High School
  25. Chandpur, Nasirkote Shahid Smrity Degree College
  26. Chandpur, Panchani High School
  27. Chandpur, Siddika Begum Girl’s High School
  28. Chandpur, South Suchi Para Union High School
  29. Chandpur, Ekhlaspur High School
  30. Chapainawabganj, 109 Babupur Miratuli Govt. Primary School
  31. Chapainawabganj, Alinagar High Schoo
  32. Chapainawabganj, Chalkjhagru High School
  33. Chapainawabganj, Ranihati M.L. High School
  34. Chapainawabganj, Moharazpur High School
  35. Chapainawabganj, Krishna Gobindapur High School
  36. Chattagram, A K Khan-UCEP Technical School
  37. Chattagram, Adhunagar High School
  38. Chattagram, A.S. Rahat Ali High School
  39. Chattagram, Amirabad Jonokalayan Girls High School
  40. Chattagram, Aunkur Society Girls High School
  41. Chattagram, Ayesha Obied Girls High School
  42. Chattagram, Bagmoniram S.K.City Corp Girls High School
  43. Chattagram, Banigram Sadhanpur High School
  44. Chattagram, Bauria G.K. Academy
  45. Chattagram, Borkal Abdul Hai – Anwara Begum Girls High School
  46. Chattagram, Captain Shamsul Huda High School
  47. Chattagram, Chunati High School
  48. Chattagram, Fatenagar S. Nessa N. Uddin Girls High School
  49. Chattagram, Hasondondi ML High School
  50. Chattagram, Haidgoan High School
  51. Chattagram, Islamabad Girls Orphanage
  52. Chattagram, Jangail Khain High School
  53. Chattagram, Kalarpole Haji Mohammed Omra Mia Chowdhury High School
  54. Chattagram, Kalipur Ezharul Haque High School
  55. Chattagram, Kartala Belkhain Mohabodhi High School
  56. Chattagram, Katirhat Girl’s High School
  57. Chattagram, Katirhat High School
  58. Chattagram, Kushumpura High School
  59. Chattagram, Latifa Siddiqi Girls High School
  60. Chattagram, Maliara Mahira Mahirahikhaine High School
  61. Chattagram, Manasha School & College
  62. Chattagram, Mahamuni Anglo Pali High School
  63. Chattagram, Mohammadpur High School
  64. Chattagram, Mostafa Begum Girls High School
  65. Chattagram, Nanupur Aboo Sobhan High School
  66. Chattagram, Padua A.C.M. High School
  67. Chattagram, Paschim Banshkhali Upakulia Degree College
  68. Chattagram, Pirkhain MoulanaAsraf Chowdhury High School
  69. Chattagram, Quaish Burischar Sammilani High School
  70. Chattagram, Samadar Para High School
  71. Chattagram, Shahpir Pilot High School
  72. Chattagram, South Satkania Golambari High School
  73. Chattagram, Union Krishi High School
  74. Chattagram, Yakubdondi H. P. High school
  75. Chattagram, Ziri Khalil Mir Adarsha High School
  76. Cumilla, Bagmara High School
  77. Cumilla, Barashalghar Union M Ahmed High School
  78. Cumilla, Barura Govt Girls High School
  79. Cumilla, Gouripur Subal-Aftab High School
  80. Cumilla, Mashikara High School
  81. Cox’s Bazar, Alhaj Fazal Ambia High School
  82. Dhaka, Addhapak Ali Ahamad High School
  83. Dhaka, Adhunika Bangladesh Society
  84. Dhaka, Agragamee Shishu Niketan
  85. Dhaka, Alhaj Jamal Uddin High School
  86. Dhaka, Al-Hera Public School
  87. Dhaka, Ashulia Rotary School
  88. Dhaka, Bagmara High School
  89. Dhaka, Bangabandhu Biddya Niketon
  90. Dhaka, Bhalum Ataur Rahman Khan High school
  91. Dhaka, I.E.S. School & College
  92. Dhaka, Ispahani High school
  93. Dhaka, Hicare School
  94. Dhaka, Liton Computers
  95. Dhaka, Purbo Jurain Adarsha High School
  96. Dhaka, Rays Hope Orphanage
  97. Dhaka, Rohitpur High School
  98. Dhaka, Shailan Surma High School
  99. Dhaka, Suapur Nannar High School
  100. Dhaka, Suravi School
  101. Dhaka, Talepur High School
  102. Dhaka, West End High School
  103. Dinajpur, Daudpur M. L High School
  104. Dinajpur, Harish Chandrapur High School
  105. Dinajpur, Loka M. L High School
  106. Dinajpur, Ranigonj Girls Degree College
  107. Dinajpur, Shalkhuria High School
  108. Dinajpur, Shetabgonj Pilot High School
  109. Faridpur, Gerda A.F Mujibur Rahman High School
  110. Faridpur, Faridpur Hitaishi Uccho Biddalay
  111. Faridpur, Laskardia Atiqur Rahman High School
  112. Faridpur, Mahim Institution
  113. Faridpur, Nagarkanda College
  114. Faridpur, Pordia High School
  115. Faridpur, Yakub Ali High School
  116. Feni, Khandal High School
  117. Feni, Mirjanagar Touhid Academy
  118. Feni, South Satara High School
  119. Gaibandha, Amardesh Residential High School
  120. Gaibandha, Bishnupur A R High School
  121. Gaibandha, Fatema Sangsthya
  122. Gaibandha, Khordo Komarpur ML High School
  123. Gazipur, Baghia High School
  124. Gazipur, Begum Sufia Model High School
  125. Gazipur, Dustho Meyeder Nirapad Ashram o Punorbashan Kendro (DMNAPK)
  126. Gazipur, Ekuria High School
  127. Gazipur, Ghagotia Chala High School
  128. Gazipur, Karihata High School
  129. Gazipur, Konabari M A Kuddus High School
  130. Gazipur, Khaikara High School
  131. Gazipur, Raniganj High School
  132. Gazipur, Shahid Ahsanullah Master High School
  133. Habiganj, Awoliabad High school
  134. Habiganj, Dinarpur High School
  135. Jamalpur, Mamun Smrity Public High School
  136. Jamalpur, Nandina Model Academy
  137. Jessore, Baisa-Chandpur Secondary School
  138. Jessore, Chandpara High School
  139. Jessore, Dhanpota High School
  140. Jessore, Patibila Hazi Sajahan Ali High School
  141. Jessore, Sheela Ray Chowdhury High School
  142. Jessore, Singhajhuli Shahid Masiur Rahman Memorial Secondary School
  143. Jessore, Talbaria High School
  144. Jessore, Trimohini Girls High School
  145. Jhalakathi, Kanudaskati Nalbunia High School
  146. Jhenidah, Montezar Rahman Mia Girls High School
  147. Joypurhat, Jamalganj High School
  148. Khulna, Farah Bakar Maddhomic School
  149. Khulna, K.G.H.F Moukhali United Academy
  150. Kishoreganj, Bangladesh Railway High School
  151. Kishoreganj, Bhairab M.P Pilot Girls High School
  152. Kishorganj, Haji Golam Hossain Girls High School
  153. Kishorganj, Kodalia High School
  154. Kishorganj, Sayed Habibul Haq High School
  155. Kishorganj, Tarail Pilot High School
  156. Kurigram, Kurigram Girls High School
  157. Kurigram, Nageshwari D M Academy
  158. Kurigram, Nageshwari Adarsha Girls High School
  159. Kurigram, Sonavori Model High School
  160. Kushtia, Adarsha Madhyamik Vidalaya
  161. Kushtia, Amla Sadarpur Secondary  High School
  162. Kushtia, Begum Hamida Siddique Collegiate School
  163. Kushtia, Baragangdia High School
  164. Kushtia, Goalgram College
  165. Kushtia, Jahanara Girls High School
  166. Kushtia, Kamalapur High School
  167. Kushtia, Mirpur High School
  168. Kushtia, Refaitpur High School
  169. Kushtia, Satarpara High School
  170. Kushtia, Shahid Hasan Foyez Girls High School
  171. Kushtia, The Old Kushtia High School
  172. Kushtia, Two Star Computer Training Center
  173. Lalmonirhat, Phakal Police Lines School
  174. Laxmipur, Dalta Rahamania High School
  175. Madaripur, Abu Taher Dakhil Madrasah
  176. Madaripur, Kadambari High School
  177. Madaripur, Kadambari Union Collage
  178. Madaripur, Ullabari United High School
  179. Magura, Aminur Rahman College
  180. Magura, Hajipur High School
  181. Magura, Kanutia Abdul Ala High School
  182. Manikganj, Dakkhin Jamsa High School
  183. Manikganj, Gorpara M.L High School
  184. Manikganj, Shakrail High School
  185. Moulovibazar, Baramchal High School and College
  186. Moulovibazar, Camellia Duncan Foundation School
  187. Munshiganj, Bhaberchar Wazir Ali High School
  188. Munshiganj, Bhaterchar D. A. Mannan Pilot High School
  189. Munshiganj, Hashara Kali Kishore High School
  190. Munshiganj, Ichapura High School
  191. Munshiganj, Malkhanagar School & College
  192. Munshiganj, Munshiganj High School
  193. Munshiganj, Rajdia Avoy Pilot High School
  194. Munshiganj, Shologhar A. K. S. K High School
  195. Munshiganj, Syedpur Abdur Rahman School & College
  196. Mymensingh, Abul Hashem Khan High School
  197. Mymensingh, Imam Hossain High School
  198. Mymensingh, Hazi Kashem Ali Degree College
  199. Mymensingh, Hazi Kashem Ali Mohila College
  200. Mymensingh, Laboratory School
  201. Mymensingh, Maijhati High School
  202. Mymensingh, Mukul Niketon High School
  203. Naogaon, Atrai High School
  204. Narshingdi, Harishangan High School
  205. Narshingdi, Shekandordi A.M.High School
  206. Narsingdi, Ghorashal Pilot High School
  207. Narsingdi, Ideal High School
  208. Narsingdi, Morzal High School
  209. Narsingdi, Panchdona Sir K.G. Gupta High School
  210. Narsingdi, Satirpara K.K Institution
  211. Narsingdi, Vatpara NC Gupta High School
  212. Natore, Dr. Imdad Sitara Khan Arka Agree & Technical School
  213. Nilphamari, Babrijhar BL High School
  214. Noakhali, Bhimpur Technical High School
  215. Noakhali, Fayzunnesa Ahmed foundation (FAF)
  216. Noakhali, Palla Mahbub Adarsha High School
  217. Noakhali, Sonaimuri High School
  218. Pabna, Mirkamary Adrsha Uchha Biddaloy
  219. Pabna, Noor School
  220. Pabna, Parkhidirpur High School
  221. Pabna, Pungali Model High School
  222. Pabna, Moulana Kasimuddin Smritee High School
  223. Panchagar, Bisnhnu Proshad Govt. High School
  224. Patuakhali, Bauphal Adarsha Girls High School
  225. Patuakhali, Bauphal Model High School
  226. Patuakhali, Hazera Talukdar Balika Bidyalaya
  227. Patuakhali, Kuripaika High School
  228. Pirojpur, Purbo Jalabari Adarsha High School
  229. Pirojpur, Sree Sree Pronab Moth
  230. Rajbari, Dr. Abdul Quader Dakhil Madrasah
  231. Rajbari, Nadir Hossain Girls High School
  232. Rajbari, Ratandia R.K. High School
  233. Rajshahi, Brotee Shetu Bandhan
  234. Rangpur, Baruahat High School
  235. Satkhira, B K Ideal Secondary Girls School
  236. Satkhira, Deara Secondary School
  237. Satkhira, Shatani Bhadra Collegiate School
  238. Sirajganj, B L Govt High School
  239. Sirajganj, Bannakandi N M High School
  240. Sirajganj, Khandakar Abdul Majid High School
  241. Sirajganj, Khukni ML High School
  242. Sirajganj, North Bengal Medical College
  243. Sylhet, Ambarkhana Girls School & College
  244. Sylhet, Japan Bangladesh Friendship High School
  245. Sylhet, Kaji Jalaluddin Girls High School
  246. Sylhet, Shaheber Bazar High School
  247. Tangail, Atia Union Adarsha Girls High School
  248. Tangail, Bara Basalia High School
  249. Tangail, Hemnagar Sashi Mukhi High School
  250. Tangail, Khamar Para High School
  251. Tangail, M A Karim Bohumukhi High School
  252. Tangail, Patharghata High School
  253. Tangail, Rasulpur Basiran Nesa High School
  254. Tangail, Shahid Rowshan Ali Khan College
  255. Tangail, Paikara Moslem Uddin High school

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    Invitation to a Seminar and Workshop on Therapeutic Features of Yoga

    Dear CLP Patron, We would like to invite you to a yoga seminar and workshop presented by a renowned yoga authority Dr. Dilip Sarkar on November 9, 2019, 2 PM to 5 PM, at Bharat Sevashram, 3490 NJ-27, Kendall Park, NJ 08824.  Dr. Sarkar’s presentation will focus on therapeutic features of yoga. A program flyer […]

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    Beximco and CLP sign a MoU

    Computer Literacy Program (CLP), USA and Dnet have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Beximco Pharmaceuticals to establish Computer Literacy Centers (CLCs). The CLCs will be established in Bhairab MP Girls High School and Bangladesh Railway High School in Bhairab, Kishoreganj and Babupur Miratuli Govt. Primary School in Chapai Nawabganj. The MoU signing ceremony was held […]

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    CLP Annual Event 2019

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